A proscenium stage with the minimum of dimensions of 32′ wide by 28′ deep. If there is a balcony or a thrust stage arrangement in the house, the show may require a deeper stage because of sight lines. The surface of the stage must be smooth and level, free of any protruding screw heads, nails, tacks or large paint globules. If the surface is rough, a dance floor with minimum dimensions of 20′ by 32′ will be required.


Black backdrop or cyclorama. Legs and borders sufficient to mask site lines.


The set consists of a 26′ wide by 7’6″ high wall, constructed of 1″ steel tubing with luan facing. The wall is held up by six 3′ deep floor jacks, and a platform. The wall/floor jacks need 800 pounds of stage-weights for stability. All set material is on trucks or in cases that can fit through a 3′ doorway. A 16′ high light pole and an 8′ wide by 14′ high billboard are positioned upstage behind the wall, and are weighted.


Air conditioning or heating fans will create air turbulence on stage (as may the house system). Air systems creating turbulence will be turned off for one segment of the performance or for the entire performance. This technical requirement is non-negotiable.


One light technician/board operator, and one audio technician to operate both lights and sound.


One send for front of house sound as well as the stage monitors. One send for up-stage sound effects. Quality house speaker system, two stage monitors and two up-stage speakers for sound effects. Three audio cd players are required for playing sound effects and background music through the hall (presenter provided) sound system mixer and controls.


Stage manager has to be in communication with the sound light operators and the backstage performer/stage manager touring with the performer. A quality wireless headset is preferred for the onstage position. If one is not available then the headset cable has to allow the stage manager to move from stage left wings to stage right wings.


Two color general stage wash with front, top, back and side lighting. There are seven specials. Universal light plot will be provided by artist with circuiting, gel specs, etc.


Four hours are required to unpack and construct the set with three stage hands. An additional, two to three hours is required for tech & run through provided the lighting plot is hung, gelled and circuited prior to arrival.


Two hours with three stage hands.


Twenty minutes with three to four stage hands and carts.

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